Educational Software

Prof. Rimoli enjoys exploring and creating novel ways of teaching science and engineering. Over the last few years, he has developed several mobile apps to demonstrate concepts, and to help students develop their own intuition on topics that are usually difficult to illustrate on a whiteboard. One app in particular grew up to a point that Prof. Rimoli decided to make it freely available to the broader community through Apple’s App Store and Google's Play Store. The name of the app is "Truss Me!" and its main goal is to help students, all the way from middle school to college, to build a conceptual understanding on how truss structures behave.



The app utilizes state of the art simulation techniques and advanced mechanics (finite deformation, plasticity, fracture) to provide the most realistic behavior for the structures. Using a challenge-based learning approach, “Truss Me!” helps students build intuition for problems that otherwise may require many years to master. “Truss Me!” combines an extremely realistic simulation engine with an intuitive interface, with the intention of impacting the curiosity and creativity of not only science and engineering oriented people but also young children and less technical individuals who will learn while playing. You can find more information about "Truss Me!" following this link .

Instructional Videos

Design and optimize the strucucture of a spacecraft for a safe moon landing:



Howe vs Pratt trusses, which one is better suited for building bridges?




Undergraduate Courses

  • AE 2610 - Introduction to Experimental Methods in Aerospace
  • COE 2001 - Statics
  • AE 3145 - Undergraduate Structures Lab

Graduate Courses

  • AE 6104 - Computational Mechanics
  • AE 8803 - Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics