Rimoli's group conducts research within the broad field of computational solid mechanics, with particular interest in aerospace applications involving multiphysics and multiscale modeling of solids.


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Ongoing Projects at Georgia Tech

  • Tensegrity Structures for Planetary Landing (PI)
    Funding agency: NASA/JPL.
  • High-Fidelity Coupling of Predictive Plasma-Wall Models (Co-PI)
    Funding agency: Air Force Office for Scientific Research.
  • Development of a Robotic Landing Gear For Rotorcraft (Co-PI)
    Funding agency: DARPA.
  • CAREER: Modeling Materials Across the Length Scales to Achieve Enhanced Thermomechanical Properties (PI)
    Funding agency: National Science Fundation.
  • Guiding of High Amplitude Stress Waves Through Stress-Induced Domain Switching in Multiphase Materials (PI)
    Funding agency: Army Research Office.

Past Projects at Georgia Tech

  • Independent Evaluation of Super Puma EC225 Failure Analysis (Co-PI)
    Funding agency: Eurocopter France.
  • Computational and Experimental Multiscale Analysis of Heterogeneous Solids and Metamaterials (Co-PI)
    Funding agency: National Science Foundation.
  • Three-Dimensional Conjugate Direction Meshes for Crack Propagation Analysis (PI)
    Funding agency: Sandia National Laboratories.
  • Comprehensive Study of Plasma-Wall Sheath Transport Phenomena (Co-PI)
    Funding agency: Air Force Office for Scientific Research.